José Rodrigues dos Santos


The Author

José Rodrigues dos Santos is the bestselling novelist in Portugal. He is the author of seven essays and thirteen novels, including Portuguese blockbusters Codex 632, which sold 211 000 copies, The Einstein Enigma, 197 000 copies, The Seventh Seal, 202 000 copies, and The Wrath of God, 195 000 copies in Portugal. His overall sales in the world are above 3 million copies, reaching the nº1 position in bestselling charts of several countries.

José’s fiction is published or is about to be published in 20 languages. His novels The Wrath of God won the 2009 Porto Literary Club Award, and The Devil's Hand won the 2012 Best Novel Award of Portal da Literatura. His other novels, Codex 632 and The Einstein Enigma, were longlisted for the 2010 and 2012 IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.

José is also a journalist and a university lecturer. He works for Portuguese public television, where he presents RTP’s Evening News. As a reporter he has covered wars around the globe, including Angola, East Timor, South Africa, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iraq, Bosnia, Serbia, Lebanon, Georgia and Libya. His latest assignments on the field have been the 2014 Ukranian crisis and the 2014 Iraqi war on ISIS. He has been awarded three times by CNN for his reporting and twice by the Portuguese Press Club.

José teaches journalism at Lisbon’s New University and has a Ph. D. on war reporting.

He was elected by readers the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Novelist of Portugal.

His latest novel, The Key of Solomon, has just been released and has already sold 115 000 copies. CIA Science director, Frank Bellamy, is found dead at CERN holding a message incriminating historian Tomás Noronha. This launches the CIA on his heels. To survive, Tomás must first solve the mystery surrounding Bellamy’s death – a mystery that will take him to the realms of consciousness, matter and the strange nature of reality, and will lead him to the ultimate enigma: what happens when we die? Based on genuine scientific information, The Key of Solomon is bound to shake the way we think about life, death and the universe.

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