José Rodrigues dos Santos


ImortalThe Immortal

(The Immortal)


“A warning on what’s coming up.”

Diário de Notícias, Portugal

“The writer forces readers to think about this 'uberisation' of the world, a world surveilled and controlled by algorithms and in permanent change (...) A journey to a world that is closer to happen than one might imagine.”

Visão, Portugal

“Immortal talks about technological breakthroughs in medicine that will allow us to prolong life and perhaps defeat death itself.”

i, Portugal

“Very scary. A book that shows us what humankind will become (...) High-quality writing. A page-turner.”

TVI, Portugal

“As always, Dos Santos unveils the extraordinary within humankind (...) This book is a coup de coeur.”

Dans les coulisses, France

“A scaring book, but also one that really makes us think hard (...) One of the greatest thriller writers in Europe.”

Arcachon, France

“With irreproachable accuracy and a cliffhanger style, the author presents in detail the idea that science is close to unveil the ultimate mystery of human life.”

Le Quotidien du Luxembourg, Luxembourg

“A breathtaking scientific thriller (...) An addictive novel.”

Le Journal du Québec, Canada