José Rodrigues dos Santos


A Chave de Salomão

(The Key of Solomon)


“Using an incredibly efficient thriller-style writing, The Key of Solomon takes us farther than before to answer humankind’s greatest enigmas. Based, as usual, on genuine scientific hypothesis, José Rodrigues dos Santos illuminates with amazing clarity the most complex philosophical and scientific ideas.”

Le Courrier Français, France

“José Rodrigues dos Santos is one of the great contemporary masters of thrillers. (…) The Key of Solomon has the ability to explore scientific enigmas in an accessible way to everyone.”

Metro, Belgium

“Esoterical and classy. (…) Only genuine scientific hypothesis are at the source of this knowledgeable and efficient novel.”

Figaro Magazine, France

“José Rodrigues dos Santos proves himself once again one of the great masters of thrillers. Beyond all action set in the plot, the author uses science to establish the connections between spirit, matter and the great enigma of existence.”

Ouest France, France

“With scientific, philosophical and sometimes theological material, José Rodrigues dos Santos signs a book simultaneously simple and thoughtful, an easy read with rich content.”

Marseille Hebdo, France

“José Rodrigues dos Santos is back with a new philosophical-scientific-thrilling page-turner. (…) Once you begin reading it, you just can’t stop.”

Nice Matin, France

“A master of the genre, the author wrote a thriller with thoughts about humankind’s greatest mysteries. Why do we exist?, is the fundamental question dealt by this novel.”

Le Quotidien du Luxembourg, Luxemburg

“A treat. If you must read only one book, read this one.”

La Vie Est Belle Voyages, France