José Rodrigues dos Santos


Um Milionário em LisboaA Millionaire in Lisbon

(A Millionaire in Lisbon)



"Whenever José Rodrigues dos Santos publishes a novel, there's no room left for other authors at the top of the bestselling charts."

Ler, Portugal


"José Rodrigues dos Santos is a master of classic suspense. His novels are paced and consistent, we almost see them as movies, filled with imagery and including stories with a beginning, a middle and an ending. In an ideologically fragmented post-industrial world, the work of José Rodrigues dos Santos is an island to which well educated middle class readers attach themselves, unconsciously remembering an era in which life had an implicit and transcendent meaning, a world where all parts of life harmoniously connected to present a destiny. (...) José Rodrigues dos Santos has the ability to enliven novels with the rules of television scriptwriting, reviving a stendhalian vision like a mirror hanging over a society, representing it in a transparent way. It's the realist perspective of literature, brought about along the lines of a clear social representation.

(...) Like no other author in Portugal, José Rodrigues dos Santos dwells within this perspective of novel writing with the ease of a fish dwelling in water."


Jornal de Letras, Portugal