José Rodrigues dos Santos


Sinal de Vida

(Signal of Life)


“Amazing adventure.”

 Lecthot, France

“This book is a problem. We grab it and we read, and read, and we are so stuck to it that we always want to read the next page and eventually we realize that we have devoured 700 pages just like that.”

 RCJ, France

“King of the scientific thriller (...) For once, an author of successful thrillers is not an American. In his new novel, Signal of Life, the popular Portuguese writer and TV presenter talks about extraterrestrial life and the end of humankind. He also questions life, its origins and future.”

 Figaro Magazine, France

“Do you know the phenomena JR dos Santos? If you're a thriller reader, you're bound to (...) History, geopolitics and science: these are the three ingredients he uses in his novels..”

 Radio France, France

“A breathtaking thriller, based on scientific facts.”

 France Culture, France

“The plot, written in a classical way, unfolds with care and its characters are constructed in a clever way. (...) A breathless narrative, filled with permanent surprises.”

 K-Libre, France

“Portuguese TV presenter José Rodrigues dos Santos has established himself as one of the top writers of thrillers in Europe.”

 Le Quotidien des Médecins, France

“You have to read this! A scientific thriller. (...) An American-style page turner. (...) The author manages to reconcile science and litterature. His formula? A dual style mixing imagination and litterary production with a rich content. (...) An hybrid author, a writer of the third kind.”

 Monde des Grandes Écoles, France