José Rodrigues dos Santos


A Vida num SoproLife in a Breath

(Life in a Breath)


Portugal, the 1930s. Dictator Oliveira Salazar has just risen to power and, with an iron hand, imposes order in the country. Things change in Portugal. The economy takes an up-turn, Beatriz Costa shines in the Mayer Park theatres, dark secret police PVDE silences the opposition.

Luís is a dreamy student who notices Amélia’s honey eyes at the Bragança lyceum. It’s love at first sight between the two. However, their tender teenage love story is going to be severely tested by three events they cannot control: her mother’s opposition, an unexpected murder and the Spanish Civil War.

Through the ordeals of a passionate love that challenges the traditional values of conservative Portugal, this beautiful novel takes us to the fire of the days that sculptured the right-wing Salazar dictatorship.

With Life in a Breath, José Rodrigues dos Santos ascertains himself as a master of his trade and a giant in Portuguese literature.