José Rodrigues dos Santos


O Anjo BrancoThe White Angel

(The White Angel)


The White Angel is José Rodrigues dos Santos’ most intimate and emotional novel. (…) You can find in these pages the author’s literary soul, his ability to leave us on the razor’s edge until the very last paragraph and his master hand at dealing with the facts of history.”

Correio da Manhã, Portugal

“A story written with utmost clarity and fluency. (…) From now on, this novel is at the forefront of literature about the war in Portuguese Africa.”

Público, Portugal

“José Rodrigues dos Santos, proving once more his tremendous ability to renew himself, has surprised us again. His new novel is written in an intimate way, showing the author’s heart in a manner that will excite and emotionally touch his many readers. This is a book that all Portuguese readers will feel very close to.”

Grande Porto, Portugal

"A beautiful, profound and intelligent novel (...) Its thoughts on life and death, and good and evil, are of great richness and deepness. This is a dense and sometimes cruel book, but also witty (...) José Rodrigues dos Santos shows in this work the skills of a great novelist (...) His writing style is fluid and impressive (...) This is a major display of talent and honesty."

Urbano Tavares Rodrigues, Gulbenkian, Portugal