José Rodrigues dos Santos


Crónicas de Guerra, Vol. I

(War Chronicles, Vol I)


Crónicas de Guerra – Da Crimeia a Dachau (War Chronicles – From the Crimea to Dachau) is the first of a three-part series on war reporting, based on José Rodrigues dos Santos’ Ph. D dissertation for Lisbon’s New University.

This first book tells the history of war correspondents, beginning with an international perspective and moving on to the Portuguese perspective. The essay tells the story of international media coverage of conflict, the first of which was the Crimea War as reported by The Times. It moves to other conflicts, including the American Civil War and the Spanish-American War over Cuba and the role played by the media in the way these conflicts were carried out. The bulk of the book, however, is focused on the Portuguese coverage of military conflicts, namely World War I, the Spanish Civil War and World War II. From the trenches of Neuve Chapelle to the massacre of Badajoz, from the La Lys disaster to the Merida executions, from the fall of Toledo to the Blitz over England, the essay follows the adventures of Portuguese war reporters in battle. Almada Negreiros under fire in the British trenches of World War I, Artur Portela watching summary executions in the Spanish Civil War, Fernando Pessa reporting on a cat and dog airplane duel in World War II.

This is the history of the 20th century, as witnessed and narrated by Portuguese reporters, here recollected in the unforgettable War Chronicles.