José Rodrigues dos Santos


A Verdade da Guerra

(The Truth of War)


“José Rodrigues dos Santos establishes here a truth rarely seen expressed elsewhere – the rejection of objectivity in journalism, paving the way to two important concepts: the complicity of journalists with the staging of events and the colouring of whatever journalists report with their own perspectives.”

Diário de Notícias, Portugal

“A book focusing on the central issues of objectivity in the battlefield, the relationship between reporters and the military, fear and war trauma, and the use of new media technologies in covering war.”

Magazine Artes, Portugal

“An interesting book on the mechanics that rule journalists. (…) José Rodrigues dos Santos intertwines dispatches from dozens of war reporters with theoretical concepts. And, in spite of this being a work on war reporting, the book should also be read as a metaphor for all journalistic discourse.”

Público, Portugal