The Captain’s Daughter joserodriguessantos January 2, 2023
A Filha do Capitão
The Captain's Daughter

While resting from combat in World War I trenches, Captain Afonso Brandão meets a beautiful French baroness in a Flanders château – a meeting that will change their lives forever. Afonso and Agnès fall in love. From then on, they lead a double life – she hiding the relationship from her husband, whilst he suffers hell in the trenches.

But in late 1917, the German High Command makes a secret decision that would change the course of the war. The Germans decide to launch a major offensive in the spring, an attack so devastating that it would end the conflict and deliver victory to the Central Powers. As the breaking point of the Allies defensive lines, they chose a small sector in the Lys valley – the very place where the Portuguese Corps stood.

With the dramatic events of World War I as the background, The Captain’s Daughter tells the moving story of an impossible passion, the life of two lovers caught in the whirlwind of history.