The Seventh Seal joserodriguessantos January 5, 2023
O Sétimo Selo
The Seventh Seal

Antarctica, summer of 2002. Howard Dawson, chief scientist at the American Antarctic scientific station, McMurdo, receives a radio contact from the Argentinean scientific station, Marambio. The Argentineans are at the Larsen B ice shelf and report that the shelf is shaking and on the verge of collapse. Puzzled, Dawson requests satellite imagery and is astonished to find the assessment credible. He immediately flies to the Antarctic Peninsula, where Larsen B lies. Once there, he bewilderedly watches the ice shelf disintegrate. Dawson is overwhelmed by the sight of a slab of ice the size of Rhode Island separating from Antarctica, and returns in shock to McMurdo. Alone in his lab, he prepares to file a report on the biggest global warming event ever seen by human eyes.

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