WAR CHRONICLES, VOL II joserodriguessantos March 6, 2023
Crónicas de Guerra vol. II
War Chronicles, Vol. II

Crónicas de Guerra – De Saigão a Bagdade (War Chronicles – From Saigon to Baghdad) is the second of a three-part series on war reporting, based on José Rodrigues dos Santos’ Ph. D dissertation for Lisbon’s New University. This second book begins in Vietnam and ends in Iraq, always following the footsteps of Portuguese correspondents, with interviews, pictures and clips from their news stories. We travel to Saigon and finish in Baghdad, in a reading that takes us to the snowy mountains surrounding Kabul, the blood-filled streets of Kigali, the hellish and moisty heat in Khe Sanh, the hot sands surrounding Dahran, the smoky debris of Grozny and the deserted sniper boulevards of Sarajevo. Artur Albarran following the multinational forces conquering Kuwait, Barata-Feyo caught in an ambush with Mudjahedin in Afghanistan, Carlos Fino under fire from the Russians in Chechnya. This is the history of the 20th century, as witnessed and narrated by Portuguese reporters, here recollected in the unforgettable War Chronicles.