Review The Last Secret Diário de Notícias joserodriguessantos March 14, 2023

Review The Last Secret Diário de Notícias

Diário de Notícias


“Fiction and reality blend beautifully in José Rodrigues dos Santos’ latest book, The Last Secret. Is this really a book? It’s perhaps better to call it a bestseller (…) His demolition of Christian theology in the first 300 pages will leave even the most fanatic Catholic doubting the Bible (…) He asks the big question: ‘How would Jesus look into the religion built around him?’ The answer is well established in The Last Secret. Under the guise of a crime story, the author uses his hero, Tomás Noronha, to investigate the Bible as if he was investigating a crime scene (…) The Last Secret really contains a last secret, which is revealed at the end of the novel. The book’s ending is filled with unexpected twists (…) The finale is absolutely perfect.”