Review Vaticanum Flauto di Pan joserodriguessantos March 14, 2023

Review Vaticanum Flauto di Pan

Flauto di Pan


“Although there are already many thrillers set in the Vatican, this one by José Rodrigues dos Santos comes across as something absolutely different. What differentiates it is that fiction tip-toes the book, for the plot is fed by non-fictional historical facts and documents. (…) Reading this novel, one quickly becomes glued to its fictional plot and its breathtaking countdown in such a way that it becomes almost impossible to stop reading it – and the novel has 500 pages that I devoured in two days – , but simultaneously one deepens the knowledge of uncomfortable facts. The talent of the narrator lies in the way he dwells with a huge amount of information obtained through research (…), giving life to a book that has all the entertaining power of fiction and all the accurateness of an essay. A great opportunity to enjoy an exciting reading that will surely seduce thriller lovers, having at the same time the merit of a lucid analysis of hard truths, often conveniently silenced.”