A CONVERSATION WITH AUTHORS joserodriguessantos March 6, 2023
Conversas de Escritores
A Conversation with Authors

What happens when the best novelists in the world sit down with José Rodrigues dos Santos for a conversation? The answer is: a fascinating dialogue. Conversas de Escritores (A Conversation with Authors) confronts the best novelists of our time with questions about life, the world and literature. These are voices and faces that were interviewed for the most intelligent programme on Portuguese television in 2009. Dan Brown, Ian McEwan, Paulo Coelho, Isabel Allende, José Saramago, Günter Grass, Jeffrey Archer, Miguel Sousa Tavares, Sveva Casati Modignani and Luís Sepúlveda. Ten great novelists, ten great conversations. This book brings us the words of some of the best novelists in contemporary universal literature and also the backstage stories of their meetings with José Rodrigues dos Santos.