The Birkenau Scrolls joserodriguessantos January 21, 2023
O manuscrito de Birkenau
The Birkenau Scrolls

Prague, 1939. Nazi Germany invade Czechoslovakia. Jewish magician Herbert Levin is deported with his family first to the Terezin ghetto and then to a large camp in Poland.

Leningrad siege, 1943. Portuguese legionnaire Francisco Latino battles with the Spanish Blue Division against the Red Army. He falls for a Russian girl but she is taken by the SS. To save her, he joins the Nazi elite force and is sent to the camp where she is kept in Poland.

Thus the Portuguese soldier, the Russian girl and the Jewish magician share the same destiny.


They must cooperate to survive, but the plot thickens when the death camp prisoners organize a major uprising and the magician is drawn to the heart of it. Can magic save them all?

Based on true events.

O Manuscrito de Birkenau
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