THE THRUTH OF WAR joserodriguessantos March 6, 2023
A Verdade da Guerra
The Thruth of War

A Verdade da Guerra (The Truth of War) is the third of a three-part series on war reporting, based on José Rodrigues dos Santos’ Ph. D. dissertation for Lisbon’s New University. This third book is focused, not on the history of war correspondents, as in the two previous ones, but on the problem of ascertaining whether it’s possible for war reporters to convey the truth of war. The book begins to challenge the concepts of truth and objectivity, from a philosophical and scientific point of view, and studies the way military organizations invisibly organize war coverage. The book also focuses on war correspondents themselves, especially their culture, their motivations and their myths, and analyses the way technology is restructuring war coverage. This book is a fundamental tool for us to understand the story behind the camera, the man behind the reporter, and, above all, the truth the media tell and the truth they hide.